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Property Evaluation

Real estate appraisal or valuation is a major investment tool for individuals, companies and banks, and they often need to carry out the real estate appraisal process for multiple purposes, where appraisal means inspection of the property to see the value that can be sold in the market, and this evaluation has many methods practiced by specialists in “Bash Company” , Which exercises evaluation for one of the following purposes:

Seller Price

Evaluation of seller price

Buyer Support

Assist the buyer to determine the fair price for the purchase.


Evaluation ofthe value of a specific property as part of its estate.

Exchange Rate

Determining a relative value for properties that are exchanged between different parties.

Liquidation or Bankruptcy

Determination of property to be exchanged upon the merger, liquidation or bankruptcy of companies.

Loan Estimation

Determine the value of the financing of a real estate loan, which is usually a percentage of the market value of the property.

Rent Value

Determine the rent of the property as a percentage of its value.

Insurance Value

Determining the value of property insurance.

Property Losses

Determine property losses as a result of fire, storms, or earthquakes ... Etc.

Tax Evaluation

Property evaluation for taxation purposes

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