We do not claim proficiency and quality; we apply it on the actual world

Bash services works to provide the widest services packages related to all types of buildings, associations and institutes through recruiting all advanced resources that are based on the most elegant quality standards in facilities management sector and maintaining this mission through improvement and continuous updating.




our resources - people

The company invests a team whose responsibility is to provide facilities management and carrying out its specific tasks professionally. Being managed professionally, provided with continuous training, and lead by experienced skills , they allow the company to improve and to achieve a high level of productivity.

To fully accomplish the work, we believe in our partners as a supprotive hand to deliver better solutions. With high level of commitment, the clear goals and objectives, the strong contact and excellent communication, we will reach the optimum level of customer satisfaction in the field of facilities management.

experienced labour


The quick and effective response rate, the solid operational plan, the standardization reliance of HSE; all enable us to create our fully integrated service delivery system that expresses a positive background into the client’s mind that he is our core interest.

processes we follow

Technology & Creativity

It is known that facilities management needs intense labor efforts. So, and in order to reduce pressure and costs, we utilize the most advanced facilities management technology systems that overcome such a challenge and result in a good monitoring of operations, reduce working hours, improve service quality, taking a shift towards sustainability and reducing of waste.


Complete maintenance services and solutions tailored for every industry and location served by expert labor.

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Integrated cleaning services from small to large scale using the latest equipment's and materials.

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Pest Control

Extermination requires tools and dedicated labor with experience. We provide the best in the market.

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Build Your Plan

Plan online now. Where it will help our team understand your scope and better build a financial plan.

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From visualization to labor our comprehensive landscaping services covers it all.

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Complete logistics services that covers relocation from shipment to fit-out in a dedicated timely manner.

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