ATMs Cleaning make sure that the ATM always looks fresh and brand new for clients. Automated Teller Machines are made to be convenient service to your clients where it should be always maintained and easily accessible. We provide tailor-made and customized ATM cleaning solutions that fit your needs and budget.

Why ATM Cleaning?

  • Governmental regulation

As the central bank in Jordan has instantly alerted all banks to commit with the ATMs instructions in act 9 that ensure banks to check its ATMs and its components every 3 days at least and to ensure that it’s empty from any machines or suspected objects, like card readers or cameras as a trial to steal cards passwords or to do any illicit behaviors.


  • Health Consideration

ATMs are placed in the top of the dirtiest public items that people use daily. By cleaning your ATMs, you are protecting your customers from germs and minimize the spread of disease.


Why not keeping the ATM looking new? With the routine ATM cleaning, you are presenting a more welcoming message, which resulting in a significant brand impact.


  • Reducing Cost

We are benefit you with a cost-effective way to keep the exterior body out of dirt instead of letting dirt stuck deeply over years. In addition, the Eco-friendly detergents used keep the surfaces with same appearance without any damage caused by some chemical detergents, all in all, that will result for a long-lasting asset.


It’s not just a wipe down!

Our team provides a comprehensive ATM cleaning; the cleaning job disinfects primary parts and surfaces, including:

  1. The monitor Keyboard
  • Functions
  • Numbering keys Fascia and bezel 
  1. Writing surfaces 
  2. Lighting Camera area
  3. The ATM outer body and the surround 
  4. Labels removing Security check:
  • check of any loose, disabled, or cut cables
  • check of any suspected objects
  1. Premium benefits upon your choice:
  • Card reader cleaning 
  • Deposit slot cleaning
  • Receipt dispenser cleaning 
  • Cash dispenser cleaning 
  • Graffiti cleaning


We share results with you!

As we believe in our service, clients should also believe before they agreed with us.

Therefore, we provide them with a trial (before and after) to see the difference


  • Area Coverage

Wherever you are in Jordan, we can reach you as we can reach the mountain edge. The company allocates special equipped vans for ATMs cleaning. These vans are able to cover the north, to the south, and the east, to the west. The vans are tracked by the company to ensure that labors arrived as scheduled and to keep the process smooth.


  • Security Consideration

Bash services guarantees its provided service as well as labors. Our labors are prior checked before they start working with us and ensured that they have non-criminal record certificates. In addition, they carry labels for identification including their full names and work position.

They are also tracked by a GPS tracking system for security reasons.


  • Pricing

We are delighted to offer you the best price that matches with our quality standards.

For ATMs cleaning, we offer you an average of 6 to 9 JDs / ATM per cleaning time, depending on number of ATMs.


Residential building cleaning contracts 


Our amazing solution for residential buildings cleaning on a contracting bases provides one of a kind cleaning service in Irbid and Jordan. We have developed a self-optimized cleaning vehicle that can fulfill this job on a professional manner and organized scheduling. With its built-in water tank and pressure washer hose able to reach up to 40 meters height stairs, the vehicle and the trained team are capable to provide best cleaning results of the building common areas like roofs, floors, elevators, car parking, windows, doors and stairs.

  • Outside Areas
  • Entrances
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Stairs
  • Rooftops
  • Elevators
  • Car parking

Furthermore, the building occupiers will enjoy our complementary discounts of 10% and offers over the other services we provide like other types of cleanings, maintenance and pest control.

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