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Upholstery can trap dirt, allergens and soils that wear down the fibers and dull the appearance. With upholstery cleaning from Bash Services, your furniture will be revived and renewed for a cleaner, enhanced look. We inspect upholstery for fiber type, physical defects, color fastness and staining. After, we use fabric-friendly cleaners that safely remove maximum soil.

Whether it’s couches, chairs, mattresses or even cubicles walls – we can get your home or organization’s upholstery back to clean.

In determination of the proper cleaning method, our cleaning experts will inspect the upholstery to be cleaned whether its Leather, Microfiber or Polyester and the type of it; Sofa, Couch, mattress, Walls, Carpets and then decide on the cleaning method to be used.

How Bash Services Clean Upholstery?

  • Our upholstery cleaning service begins with our technicians thoroughly inspecting your upholstery. They will look at the fabric type, color and age of the furniture to determine the best approach.
  • Then, they will spot treat any areas on your couches, chairs, mattresses or other upholstered items that look like they need extra attention.
  • After spot treating, the deep cleaning begins. Our upholstery cleaning machine injects warm water and our cleaning& disinfectant solution into the furniture to release dirt deep within the upholstery.
  • Then, it extracts the water to remove the dirt.
  • In many cases, we are in the need to use our German steaming machines to remove highly dried soils or stains.
  • Finally, we will inspect your upholstery with you to make sure you’re happy with your clean upholstery.

Your upholstery will be dry within hours!

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