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Bash Services provides all types of cleaning for buildings, starting from janitorial cleaning services to large scale building cleaning contracts. Using modern and advanced technology, whether in the equipment or materials used, in addition to speedy completion and specialization in cleaning operations.

As part of contracting with us, “Bash Services” provides comprehensive hygiene solutions that suit all buildings needs including supply of cleaning labour, supply of cleaning materials, and the integrated sterilization services, in line with the business requirements. All under an engineering supervision, which directly benefits the property owner, saves costs, sustains the life of the building, and maintains its continuous cleanliness. The company also schedules special visits to the site to ensure that it works in the proper manner in all terms of cleaning. In addition, customers can benefit from the rest of the company’s services as part of the contract with us

As a pioneer commercial/corporate cleaning company, we believe that a clean workplace is one step further to success. Our cleaning service experts employ the highest cleaning standards for a better and cleaner work environment. By that we mean:

  • Office cleaning
  • Malls cleaning
  • Recreation and Shopping centers cleaning
  • Health Care and Hospitals cleaning
  • Banks Cleaning
  • Showrooms cleaning
  • Educational Institute Cleaning
  • Janitorial cleaning service
  • Project-based cleaning service

In addition to that we enjoy offering our clients various commercial contracts options in terms of:

  • Duty timings for labors and service hours.
  • The availability of using cleaning material and equipment of their choice of standards.
  • The ability to choose contract labor gender.
  • The ability to choose the contract duration.
  • Choosing the state of art Bash Annual Deep Cleaning Service.
  • The ability to add additional facilities services to their contracts like; Pest control management, sterilization, maintenance and many more.

Using industry-leading procedures and equipment, our highly trained technicians transform unpleasant working environments into professional, immaculate spaces. A well-cleaned business creates a strong first impression and can improve employee morale. Being part of the cleaning industry, Bash Services delivers a comprehensive cleaning plan customized to your business’s specific needs.

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