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Through its Integrated Services System ISS “Bash Services” enjoys having all the adequate resources for property comprehensive and elaborate management in all FM fields including hard and soft services such as cleaning, Pest Control Management, Disinfection, Waste Management and maintenance services, hand in hand with our strategic partners in Amman, Irbid, and across all the cities of Jordan.

Bash Facilities Management services cover many industry specific sectors like:

  • Healthcare
  • Educational Institution
  • Renewable energy
  • Shopping and Retail
  • Real Estate and Property Development
  • Commercial Complexes and buildings
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Hospitality

In each sector, we work together with our partners and clients in an elaborative model to develop the best of client specific service(s) bundle that will ensure smooth operations and maintain the client best environment.

After its long experience holding the ability to employ the right functions of FM tactics, the company was able to achieve a list of professional facilities management goals that can be summed up with the following:

  • Reduction of operational costs and energy consumption
  •  Applying leaning solutions
  • Increase the market value of the building by extending assets life cycle
  • Towards green buildings
  • Better and safer built environment
  • Promotional and marketing image
  • Excellent customer service approach
  • Adopting a sustainable approach

Our Facilities Management Services:

  • Pest Control Management
    • Crawling Insects
    • Flying Insects
    • Rodents Control
    • Other Pests
  • Cleaning
    • Corporate and janitorial cleaning
    • ATMs cleaning
    • Facade’s cleaning
    • Solar panel cleaning
    • Stone cleaning
    • Tile & Marble polishing (Floor Care)
    • Deep and handover cleaning
  • Sterilization and Disinfection
  • Maintenance & Remodeling Services

Contract’s customization is the flexibility in the contract and ability for the client to add or remove benefit(s) provided in the services list to fit the client’s requirements and budget, in other words “creating their own service bundle”. Our FM experts are then will apply their best of knowledge to boost this bundle and transform it into our FM software. The goal is to make our clients happy & satisfied.

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