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Building’s facade cleaning service is a specialty of what we do! Using the advanced and latest technology and skills like the rope access to clean building windows and glass. With a great experience in façade cleaning industry and with latest façade cleaning tools and equipment we can remove the toughest stains from glass, stone and aluminum cladding facades.

Bash Services has all the expertise you may hire from machinery and forklifts to professional climbers, we will get the job done. Some of cleaning methods we use:

  • Working hand in hand with our partners (Sky Light Rope Access) we can reach and clean glass, cladding and stone facades of high-rise buildings in Jordan using the Rope access technology with IRATA certified climbers.
  • We employ German technology of Deionized Water (Pure Water) including telescopic poles with brushes supplied by Unger Tools that rinse and clean glass within one shot!
  • Wet-Sand Blasting, including the use of Karcher pressure washers mixed with special sand to clean stone facades and graffities.
  • Finally, using window cleaning tools Bash Services employs skilled labors to clean any glass surface of shop fronts and house windows.
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