Handover Cleaning

Post construction cleaning or Move In/Out cleaning is a specialized cleaning service that is being provided by professionals after construction/maintenance or before moving to a new property like a house, office or even an entire building.

Handover cleaning is a requirement in almost all buildings, offices or houses to keep property in perfect condition. Cleaning the house by yourself may be time-consuming and very tiresome, and the results may not be on point since your cleaning tools may be limited. For this reason, finding Bash Services cleaning professionals will save you a lot and help you achieve the best results and avoid chaos.

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Handover cleaning service will include but not limited to the following:

  • All rubbish and trash removal

  • Cleaning ducts and vents

  • Cleaning of gypsum board ceilings and decoration

  • Lighting fixture cleaning

  • Floor polishing and cleaning

  • Epoxy cleaning and removal of epoxy stains

  • Stains and cement removal

  • Dust and dirt vacuum

  • Grout and tile cleaning

  • Toilets and bathrooms cleaning

  • Windows and glass facades cleaning

  • Kitchens care and cleaning

  • And many other detailed cleaning tasks…