Pest Control Management

Bash Services provides its customers with pest control services in Amman and Jordan with the highest level of care and sanitizing quality. Our methods are based on a wide range of preventive activities and focus on investigating the underlying reasons for an infestation, rather than simply treating the problem. We aim for a superior long-term result and we apply the globally renowned principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in order to minimize the effects on the environment.

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Assessment Service

We follow the ERD principle (Exclusion – Restriction – Destruction), the philosophy being that prevention is always better than cure. We will work in partnership with you to help maintain a pest free environment through effective implementation of the ERD process:

1. Exclusion - prevent a pest from entering the premises

2. Restriction - preventing a site becoming hospitable to pests

3. Destruction - eradication or removal of the infestation

Special Attention to Food Industry

To ensure that your premises comply with Health and Safety standards, you must make sure you maintain adequate pest control. If you have any issue with an infestation, specially when food is at the core of your business, nothing can be left to chance, even minor pest activity is totally unacceptable. That's why, we proactively manage risks and ensure food safety. The house of your dreams is around the corner.

Food Safety is one of our key focus areas, and as such, we offer a fully Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) compliant service. Our proactive service is designed specifically for food manufacturers to ensure that pest activity will not compromise your standards.

Our pest control services are designed to control the following :

crawling insects

Crawling Insects


Flying Insects


Rodents Control


Termites Control


Wildlife Animal Control


Other Pests


Pest & Rodents Contracts

We believe that everyone should live in a pest free environment, and we are here to make this happen. Bash Services provides a comprehensive pest and rodent control solution for commercial facilities in one or multiple locations across Amman and Jordan. Therefore, we provide you with pest and rodent control contracts that begin with a site inspection, assessment of infestation, providing complete and comprehensive solutions, and applying the best practices.

Preventative pest management is a simple, cost-effective way of ensuring that your business and the surrounding grounds are kept free from any potential harm. An all-important factor when considering pest control is the expertise of the company doing the job.

Our Pest Control specialists offer a wealth of experience and knowledge that allow you to rest assured that your needs will be taken care of effectively and professionally – with no risk to you, your employees or the environment. Through pest and rodent control contracts, clients can customize plans to suit their property requirements as well as their budget.

1.     Annual contracts for pest and rodent control

Preventive contracts are provided against all types of pests including the crawling insects, flying insects, rodents, and all other pests.

2.     Pest and rodent control contracts - upon request

Pest control contract upon request; where customers have discounted prices.

If you find insects inside your site, it is best to contact specialists concerned with pests controlling and public health pests to take the necessary remedial and precautionary measures and measures. Through IPM, appropriate pest control materials are selected and applied in a way that minimizes risks to human health, pets and the environment. Contact us today to get a free inspection. Call the number 0770277555 we will help you on spot !

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