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Cleaning Services

As a professional cleaning company, our teams are using state-of-the-art German equipment and tools like Karcher & Unger to provide the best cleaning solutions in Amman and Jordan either on-demand service or through cleaning contracts. We believe that cleaning is not just wiping surfaces, but going further to the smallest details and protect them with care. Our cleaning services include; carpets cleaning, sofa cleaning, housekeeping, water tanks cleaning, facades and glass cleaning, post-construction cleaning, solar panels cleaning and residential buildings cleaning of all kinds and latest Nano Technology products and services provided by our dedicated professional teams. 

Upholstery Cleaning

sofa, mattresses and carpets cleaning.

Facades Cleaning

shops facades, building facades and residential glass facades cleaning services.

Handover Cleaning

specialized heavy duty cleaning to villas, houses and apartments after construction or maintenance.

Solar Panels Cleaning

cleaning of renewable energy solar panels using most advances water cleaning systems.


cleaning maids per hour or per day, clean house for better living!

Water Tanks Cleaning

cleaning of plastic, steel and grounded water tanks for healthy water.

AC Ducts Cleaning

cleaning of split units inside the properties and air ducts and ac filters.

Floor Cleaning

floor and marble polishing and sanding services.

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