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Maintenance Contracts

We offer various maintenance service contracts and repairs of homes, shops, commercial properties, retails chains and buildings of all types in Jordan. With high quality standards of maintenance, our team is well trained to fit in any maintenance job anytime anywhere.

Benefits clients will have by our maintenance service contracts:

  •          Higher response rate for failures
  •          Less maintenance times
  •          Lower maintenance cost of property and assets
  •          Longer property and assets life cycle
  •          24/7 maintenance services
  •          Service guarantee
  •          Done by professionals!

Our maintenance support services can be provided in contracts for businesses as below:

Types of Maintenance Contracts

annual maintenance contracts

The AMC is a service agreement that we provide to our clients in Jordan with a comprehensive maintenance plan that includes both preventive and reactive types of maintenance, where we ensure that the client property is operating well in terms of civil, mechanical and electrical engineering aspects. A plan that guarantees the reduction of property assets failure and ensures high efficiency at all levels.

Preventive Maintenance contracts

The preventive maintenance contract that Bash Services provide is a solid maintenance plan that is schedule-based on agreed assets or properties of the client to make sure high efficiency standards are applied and to extend the life cycle of any property. Assets like HVAC systems, elevators, escalators, electrical system and water heating systems (boilers) are thoroughly checked and tested by professionals each in their field of expertise.

Reactive Maintenance Contracts - On Demand

On demand maintenance is a job-based maintenance contract that gives clients the choice to get the best maintenance results by our professionals upon call and based on a contract that gives them lower maintenance costs and faster responses.

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