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Nanotechnology Products & Services

The advanced Nanotechnology products are being used in many fields including ours. Now and in Jordan, Bash services offers high quality Nano coating products that can be used to solve many of our customers problems such as; insulation of walls, grounded water tanks, rooftops or cement ceilings from water and temperature problems that most people counter. Nano ceramic products are now used also for glass and facades polishing to increase the brightness and protect it against dirt, and moreover Nano helps to reduce the cleaning times of any surface. In addition to that, Nanotechnology products can also be used to solve in-house issues such as sofa’s and carpets protection from water or other liquids.

Bash services team can do the job for you by helping to choose the best product after assessing your case and the right application of the coatings is done by our professional teams.

What is Nanotechnology?

Nano is an invisible material applicable on multiple surfaces to keep them looking in good condition as long as possible. By coating your surfaces with Nano, you are protecting them from dirt, wrinkling, scratching, staining, harmful UV and thermal damage. Also, Nanotechnology let you minimize the effect of using chemical cleaning products that harm our environment. As Nano products protect your surfaces for longer time, you will save the money that you pay continuously in cleaning products.

Nano for Stone

Protect your stone walls from mold, liquids and extend the stone lifetime.

Nano for Upholstery

Protect your upholstery from stains; juice, coffee, milk…etc.

Nano Coatings for Cement Roofs

Protection against mold, liquids, dirt, UV radiation and temperature issues.

Nano for Glass and Facades

Increase your glass brightness and reduce cleaning times.

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