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Pest Control Contracts

We believe that everyone should live in a pest-free environment, and we are here to make it happen. Bash Services provide a comprehensive pest control service solutions for commercial in a single site or multi-sites across Amman and Jordan. Pest control contracts at Bash Services include investigations of the site, analyzation of the situation, provide full and comprehensive solutions, applying pest-control best practices.

From factories to warehouses and shops and more, using knowledge and expertise, we protect your facilities and your customers from pests. Our professionals covers and study all types of rodents and pests to provide best solutions that can overcome any consequences or obstacles in this regard.

Annual Pest control contracts

Preventive contracts against all types of pests including: wasps & bees, bed bugs, spiders, termites & ants, cockroaches, flies & fleas, and rodent control service.

Pest Control contracts - on demand

Upon call pest-control contract; where clients will have discounted prices and fall under preferable list.

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