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Restoration and remodeling service

Refurbishment or renovation of whole or parts of the client’s property requires professionals and experts in which they will be able to provide a proper advice on how the works should be done. Bash Services take it seriously! We deal with each project as a case study that need to be solved through organized processes and dedicated team to get the job done. Whether client needs to fabricate a new building, office or shop fit out or to conduct a renovation for the old one, we will be there to help. In addition, our creative designers will always bring up new ideas for your interior to keep up with modern industry trends.

  • Property inspections
  • Redesigning of building interior and fit outs
  • Pricing and estimations
  • Demolishing of old fabrications  
  • Supply of all materials
  • Installation as per the design
  • commissioning and testing
  • handover and finalizing.

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