Sterilization and disinfection services

As we face COVID-19, maintaining facilities like offices, factories, restaurants…etc, is imperative to control the spread of infectious diseases. We understand how important it is to protect your employees and clients from coming in contact with the Coronavirus, therefore, our services include a thorough cleaning, sterilization and disinfection of spaces to help maintain the spread of viruses.

Team & Machinery

Our team is well equipped with all essentials include detergents, anti viral clothing, tools & machines. Our team has a practical experience in the field backed with a scientific approach working under engineering supervision. The team follows the best international safety procedures & standards in the field.

Treating process

The perfect machine is being used depending on the property size and type. Staff may use the ULV system, electrical sprayer guns, manual sprayer guns, or combination of them. They start from the entire space to the outer. Our sanitizing process is applied to all surfaces, focusing on touch points including handles, keyboards, remotes, telephones, desks, computers, doors, floors, kitchens and toilets, etc.. depending on your requirements. Finally, all the cabinets, drawers & doors will be closed after completion.

Disinfectants used

The company uses friendly disinfectants & detergents, that are certified as fighting products against Coronavirus by the EPA, American Chemistry Council, the Jordanian Ministry of Health and Jordan food & drug administration. Material are safe on human & food, and it fights the viruses without harming personal property or causing extensive damage. Clients will be given a sterilization certificate as a proof that their facility is safe and ready for use.

We offer all products that you may need for sterilizing your property.


Team members can provide you with advises on what machines to use that suits your needs: Battery pack spray guns, ULV cold foggers , ULV thermal foggers, Electro-sprayers, Manual sprayers


Disinfectants include effective compounds against the corona virus like peroxide hydrogen and ammonium chloride. Disinfectants come with data sheets for your reference.

Equipment & Tools

Face shields, Head covers, Feet covers, Insulation suits, Goggles, Gloves, Face masks

Need help in sterilization and disinfection?

We are ready to give you a hand, train your labors with the process of sterilization, give them advises to follow and guide them on how and what to use.

Contact us to maintain our beloved Jordan safe.

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