Solar Panels Cleaning

With our partners in the market we have developed the best solar panel cleaning service solutions in Amman and Jordan. From manual and automatic brushes to robots and customized project-based solutions, the company has a good grasp over the new cleaning and PV maintaining technologies of the industry. Neglecting to clean PV panels will degrade its efficiency by at least 20% every year due to dust and dirt piled over the years. In addition to other defects that will have major effect on the panel that reduces its lifecycle. A project-based consultation is being provided after a technical site visit, in addition cleaning solutions is being drafted in coordination with our team of partners and the client depending on the PV status, project size, location, client’s budget and many other factors.

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Bash Services is continuously studying sustainable solutions like:

  • Contra-rotating brushes technology: an internationally approved German technology that works with small to medium size projects.
  • Pure water (De-ionized water) technology; it’s one of the best solutions for solar panel cleaning, where the use of such water with 0 TDS reading together with specified brushes will immensely refresh the panels.
  • Customized Solar Panel Cleaning options; working together with our trusted partners (Darb Co.) on project-based tailor-made cleaning solutions from the design stage to application and operation stage. Automated robotic PV cleaning solutions are perfectly applied over the panel arrays that will save time, money and efforts expended to the cleaning process.

Why to clean Solar Panels by Bash Services:

- Free technical inspections on the project site
- Free feasibility study for the cleaning project
- The availability of various cleaning options
- Use high qulity personal protection equipment ppe
- Increase performance guaraane solutions
- No use of chemicals on the solar panel surfaces
- Trained cleaning team (no scratches, damages, pressure) over the pv panels.