Cleaning of water tanks can be a hectic job to do by yourself! Water tanks in Jordan is susceptible to contamination and bacterial infection which by itself a major cause of different diseases. The Health and Safety Executive’s HSG274 guidelines and code of practice (ACOP L8) state that tanks should be inspected at least once a year, or more often if contamination is found.


In addition to that, water tanks over time gather a thick calcsilicate layer which can cause blockages in your water pipe cabinets and system, and that in return is high-cost job to clean or change.


How Bash Services cleans your Water Tanks:


  1. suction of all dirty/contaminated water from the tank using suction pumps.
  2. Removing rubbish and hard objects from floor.
  3. using brushes attached to water pressure pump, rinse and clean walls & floor surfaces.
  4. Vacuuming floor from all dirt’s and soils removed.
  5. Disinfection and chlorination of the tank before using it again.
  6. System recommissioning.

Ultimately, domestic water tank cleaning is all about maintaining good water hygiene, human health and safe water distribution systems. Our service of water tanks cleaning of all types (grounded, plastic or steel tanks) is at your choice.